Photo: Beata Biadun, Old Jewish Cementary, Enkirch, Germany

Walking around the Roots of the Culture

I visited the catholic church last time because of the St. Nicolas Day but I am not very religious person. I always believed that creating art is the path of making discoveries. It kept me going through life and getting answears for all what is bothering me. I was very individual oriented person and my thoughts lately apply to the religion and the meaning of collective councious. These thoughts took me back to the beautiful and difficult Jewish Culture, which I had possibility to learn more about in Cracow when I was a student. I used to visit old Jewish Cementaries and everytime I was there I was touched by the mistery I felt there.

Few days ago I found small old jewish cementary here where I am living in Germany. I visited it, just to remind the roots of the culture where I grow up in eastern Poland – the forgotten Jewish Misticism. And it was amazing expierience. Feeling of grab out of the the beauty of expierience deeper, getting closer to the wisdom of the greatest power of creation, looking the meanings higher then current consumption oriented culture and economics.

Walking Around I felt deep compasion.

I found out why I love to use black color and textures.

As a child I lived in the 3-rd floor in the flat in the village in eastern Poland. One morning some rumors on the top of the building woke me up. I went out to look what it was and I found out, the door to roof was open. I climbed up to examine what is was.

I discovered new space, the top of the building where the men were working on the as reinforcement of the roof using some textures and black substance. I couldn’t stay there long time so I went outdoor to the place where the glue substance was preapered – many people, vivid talking and hard work. I can remember huge metal pot on the fire, where the deep black glue was cooking – it was a tar. And such black colour I have never seen. I was starring on it good 10 minutes. It impressed me so deep, that I unconsciously used the black color for my paintings my whole life. And it make sense for me now. Tar was used as very important component of building art. I also checked out the history of tar and it brings me to the building art of the ships, whose some way are part of my life. So for me it has the meaning of making something stronger, building, matching, preparing, protecting. And that is the start point of my art.